Prime Investment Areas in Lisbon for 2018

Lisbon is a beautiful, old city that’s home to a lot of expats looking for a great retirement home in the sun bleached land of Portugal. You can see the history of Lisbon just by walking down one of its streets: modern apartment buildings next to historical landmarks or centuries-old large houses, and the city has an abundance of amenities, with restaurants around every street corner. However, if you’re considering investing in Lisbon, you need to look at the areas attracting the most attention from potential homeowners and expats.

Baixa & Rosso

This is what amounts to Lisbon’s ‘old town’, and was the area affected by the devastating earthquake of 1755, and what remains of old Lisbon stands side to side with modern housing projects. This is the place where you’ll find many of the most notable tourist attractions and a vibrant economy. Being the centre of the city means that public transport is always nearby.

Bairro Alto

Another central district, Bairro Alto is the nightlife hub of Lisbon, as well as a great place to live in. The area’s full of services such as restaurants, tattoo parlours, cafes, hotels and bars that possess a old-fashioned, refined aura. Cultural landmarks are also quite common in the area, though to a lesser extent than the old city.


Another old district of Lisbon, Alfama still looks like it did centuries ago, with some modern innovations making the commute bearable. Windy medieval streets frequently confuse tourists and conceal some of Lisbon’s best attractions and landmarks: several great restaurants, the beautiful and commanding lookout point of Portas Do Sol and the ancient hill fortress Castelo de São Jorge.

Principe Real

A trendy and more modern locale within Lisbon, Principe Real is home to grand hotels, mansions and other monumental homes for the rich and wealthy. The area has a vibrant social scene and is home to beautiful gardens and superb restaurants to cater for its wealthy patrons.

Parque das Naçoes

A forgotten part of Lisbon, Parque Das Naçoes was built to accommodate the World Exposition of 1998 and after its purpose was fulfilled, continues to live on as a quiet neighborhood with a ton of restaurants and bars, more green space than most of Lisbon and plenty of room to go jogging or walking the dog next to the picturesque river that runs through the area.

Avenida da Liberdade

If you want to buy designer clothes, Avenida da Liberdade is where to go. Built in the late 19th century, it runs between Rossio train station in the south and Parque Eduardo in the north. Magnificent hotels and banks are found here, as well as names like Burberry and Armani, and the Hard Rock restaurant. Each side of the street has a comfortable walking path lined with grass, trees, and the occasional kiosk where friends meet for a drink when the weather is nice.

These are some of Lisbon’s tourist and investment hotspots that are growing in value as the years go by. Investing is Lisbon may sound less attractive than further north into France or Germany, but it’s a great opportunity for overseas investors to get in before everyone knows where to invest. Knightsbridge Ventures are a new property investment company bringing fresh new investors into Europe and overseas.