Why is Lisbon so popular for investment?

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There are multiple reasons why Lisbon is popular for property investment. It is a modern and vibrant place to be, whilst property prices are significantly cheaper than other West European cities. However it is arguable that it is particularly appealing thanks to its unique blend of history and culture. Along with access to plentiful leisure activities and nightlife. And outstanding climate. To top it off, it is ideal for families thanks to the range of educational establishments available. Including universities.

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What are the reasons Lisbon is popular for investment?

Lisbon is a buzzing place to live. Vibrant and modern, it was once voted one of the most liveable cities in the country. This is proven also by over one million people who live on the outskirts. Who travel to the city each day. The city is particularly popular with migrants. Because of low rents and living costs.

Another great appeal of Lisbon is its climate. It enjoys temperate weather all year round. And has a number of beach towns in close proximity. Meaning that quiet weekend escapes are within easy reach.

Whilst being culturally diverse, the city is also steeped in history with its range of churches, palaces and castles. Visitors and residents can also enjoy the diverse art collections and museums within the city.

Lisbon enjoys a range of leisure activities. E.g. art nouveau cafes which serve a vast array of local variety coffees.

Lisbon enjoys a very active nightlife. Including bars, restaurants and nightclubs. Particularly around the night hotspots of Bairro Also and Doca de Alcanta. The area is also good for shopping. Including shopping malls (e.g. Centro Colombo) the market of Feira da Ladra and the shopping district Baixa.

If you are moving to Lisbon with your family, there are lots of schools in the area. Including public, private and international ones. And there are multiple universities available. Including state run and private universities.

The investment market in Lisbon is thriving. With many properties being surprisingly lower than other Western European cities. If you are considering moving to Lisbon, it may be worth learning some degree of Portuguese. As financial legal or financial issues may occur. As such, before making any purchase, consider using a lawyer or re-location agent to ensure these issues are avoided.

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There are many reasons why Lisbon is so popular with property investors. In addition to property prices being relatively affordable, and enjoying a pleasant climate, the city is steeped in history and culture along with good access to plentiful leisure activities. And to top it off, it is ideal for families. Thanks to the number of educational establishments and universities on offer.

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