What is the Golden Visa investment fund path in Portugal?


Since 2012, Portugal has been offering a Golden Visa. This programme allows investors to move to the Schenghen area, allowing them to study, work and live there for a period of six years. After which, they can apply for a Portuguese passport.

The Golden Visa is a fantastic opportunity for high net worth individuals and poses a number of advantages for the individual and their family. For example, better education opportunities, quality of life or a safe zone from their previous country experiencing political instability.


How does the programme work?

The main advantage of the programme is that it is easy to understand. The individual needs to invest 350,000 euros in a real estate project or investment fund in Portugal. And resultantly, will receive a residence permit card. Family members can also be added. And the programme does not require relocation. Only a minimum stay of 7 days.

The options for investment are varied. As such, options include private villas, refurbishment of city centre buildings or conversions of hotels into tourist apartments. Individuals are not tied down. And are able to exit at any point. However, there is the ability to sell units to other investors or convert units into assets supported by the fund.

And it is a worthwhile investment. Between the value of 10-12%. Particularly, renting property to tourists also generates a significant return between 5 & 10%.

What benefits has the golden visa had on the Portuguese economy?

Real estate is really benefiting from foreign investment. And significantly, supply cannot keep up with demand, which creates great capital appreciation. And places money within real estate, instead of in the banks.

The Golden Visa permit has had a great positive impact on the Portuguese economy. Which explains why the government and political parties are so supportive of it. 3.5bn euros was invested into Portugal. And 95% was re-invested into real estate. And this is thanks to the 40% of property transactions last year. Supported by foreign investors.


In 2012, Portugal created the Golden Visa programme. Which allows investors to move into the area and invest in a range of commercial and residential property. Whilst posing a number of advantages to the individual concerned, it is also hugely beneficial to the Portuguese property market. It creates a lavish lifestyle, allowing the individual to live in an up and coming location. Whilst the economy benefits also. Portugal experienced 3.5 billion euros of investment last year. Specifically, 95% in real estate. Foreign investment has supported 40% of property transactions last year.

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